Founder / CEO

Paul Barnett Founded the Strategic Management Forum in January 2013. He developed a strong interest in strategic management having worked as a Marketing Manager, and later as the Director of a brand development agency. He quickly realized that you cannot grow a brand without understanding the strategy and business model of an organisation. He found himself advising clients on strategy as much as marketing and successfully transformed the fortunes of clients and their projects in the process. Having done so he saw that potential power of strategy to transforming the fortunes of all types or organisations - and thereby those of communities, economies and society as a whole. The desire to realize this potential motivated him to establish the Strategic Management Forum. He is now writing a number of books for Palgrave Macmillan, Wiley and Oxford University Press.

The Story So Far

From January 2013 the Strategic Management Forum began recruiting Founder Members - senior strategists from around the world who would represent the profile of the audience we wish to serve. They include practicing strategy decision makers from a range of sectors, academics and consultants. Other levels of membership were then established, to provide a career related ladder of recognition in the absence of any internationally recognized professional standards. Soon after the Chief Strategists Club was launched and events were run with Rita McGrath and Roger Martin. Between 2013 and now the Strategic Management Forum has established a network of over 30,000 strategists and continues to expand its reach at a good pace.     

Our Plans

A Major focus of the Strategic Management Forum in 2016 will be the launch of Focus Groups (Think Tanks). Initially they will focus on specific strategic management issues. In this way we will develop an active membership that helps create, aggregate and disseminate thought leadership. Each group will also contribute to a growing body of knowledge and practice. In addition we will publish interviews with other thought leaders, run events with senior strategic management thinkers and offer courses and other learning products. Our website will service as a platform for many exclusive member benefits including forums, a members directory, job listings etc. All of these activities are consistent with our purpose which is, advancing the professional practice of strategic management.

Your Views

From time to time we will ask for your views related to various activities and initiatives. In the first instance we invite you to give us your feedback on the first draft of our proposed Charter, for example. The final version will determine the way we operate to serve member interests in future. There will be many other opportunities for you to participate in forum discussions, to comment on articles, to engage in events and to network with us and the members in our network. In addition you are invited to contact us at any time with opinions and suggestions about any matters you feel are important to you and to the Strategic Management Forum. Our wish is to give members every opportunity to be actively engaged. you can contact us by email and we will respond as quickly as we can. Your views and comments will help to guide what we do and how we develop as an organisation.