About Big Write

Do you have something to say about a business or management issue or problem and how to fix it? If you do, we want to hear from you.

In the first instance, send nothing more than a one paragraph outline and a headline. Your headline should be a question that gives us a strong sense of the problem and solution that follows. We can then categorise responses by topic. If your initial submission exceeds one paragraph it will not be considered. 

From the submissions, we will pick topics to follow up on during a Business Hard Talk  Symposium (live and virtual). You will be invited to to present your thoughts, or have someone present them for you, for 15-20mins. Delegates will have access to a website, where they can contribute thoughts, comments or questions in real-time and afterwards. This provides you with a valueable way of having your ideas tested and further developed.  

Based on your presentation and the feedback, we’ll ask you to write a 3,000-word feature article for publication on Business Hard Talk and via the Strategic Management Forum. It will also form the chapter of a book. The book will be published by a major international publisher. You will be fully credited for your contribution.

You may be a consultant, coach, advisor, academic, student, board member, executive, manager, member of a professional body, trade unionist, employee, or anyone that feels they have a valuable contribution to make. And you can be from any sector: private, public, government, not-for-profit or academia. But remember, we are looking for practical answers to real problems that will be useful to executives.

In addition, if we publish article, invite you to present it in a symposium, and publish your thinking as a chapter of a book, we will also recognise your valuable contribution with free membership. We have created a special “Thought Leader” category of membership of the Strategic Management Forum. You will be offered free membership for one year.

If the topic of your submission is not selected immediately, we will keep the details on file for consideration in relation to future events and publications. 

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  • Your submission should consist of just one paragrah and a headline. Your headline should be a question that gives a strong sense of the business or management problem and solution you would like to write and talk about. This will enable us to categorise it by topic. Submissions exceeding one paragraph will not be considered.