Earning, Keeping and Growing Customers

Earning, Keeping & Growing Customers: Creating Value to Achieve Sustainable Growth, this is the focus of a Strategic Management Forum Event taking place in London on Tuesday, May 23rd. The venue is The Regent Street Cinema. In 1896 it showcased the Lumière brothers’ Cinématographe, and, as the curtain fell, British cinema was born. Since then the industry has constantly innovated in an attempt to keep and grow its customers, making it a fitting venue. We'll also be referring to Disney as the company with perhaps the greatest example of a Corporate Theory of Value Creation.

We are delighted to present a great line-up of speakers for this full day event. In particular, we are honoured to have Todd Zenger join us from the U.S. to talk about themes in his recent book Beyond Competitive Advantage: How to Solve the Puzzle of Sustaining Growth While Creating Value (Harvard Business Review Publishing 2016). He introduces the concept of the Corporate Theory of Value Creation, talks about the challenges of implementing one, and how it can help leaders make better strategic decisions. Here you can read the full details

Introducing Valueism Workshop

McKinsey and Company research shows most businesses and organisations cannot articulate how they create value. That means they don't have an effective strategy or strategic management process. Last year Paul Barnett coined the term Valueism, to describe capitalism and business that is focused on value creation.

Growth, profitability and maximising shareholder returns are seen as measures of performance in most businesses, and by most investors, The indicators that matter to them are market share, margins and share price. But they are the by-products of creating value, not drivers of it, and they represent very poor indicators of the ability of the business to create value in the future.

For 2017 Paul has developed an Introduction to Valueism Workshop, to outline an approach that differs radically from the current management theory and practices. It looks at value creation as the driver of an integrated Value System, and as a means of structuring and managing an organisation and it's growth. It views strategic management as a way of thinking, linked to a dynamic iterative process. Follow this link for details and reservations

SMF Social (London)

The Strategic Management Forum will host a very informal social gathering of people with an interest in strategy and management. The events will take place monthly at a central city venue. A nominal fee is charged to help us manage number and to cover out of pocket expenses. Any formal proceedings will be very brief and there will be no hard selling. The events are intended to be a gathering of people with shared interests in strategy, strategic management or related disciplines.

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